Prospector Sailing Canoe Build

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hung a tarp up in the garden and Dave has lent me some lights again, it looks like a Bedouin encampment but it serves a purpose.

I masked up the gunwales and have given the hull several coats of exterior gloss (Wild Berry) although its not being painted onto a perfectly smooth surface I am using gloss rollers so the finish is good and looks great from a distance.

The runners are to be fitted next and will not be painted, the whole of the hull, gunwales, thwarts and breasthooks will get a coat of yacht varnish (hope it does not react with the paint!) the interior will be dark green exterior gloss.

I wonder how much weight this paint will add to the finished boat, I am still able to pick it up easily and lift it over my head; I will have to devise a way of weighing it


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