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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Went for a paddle on the Stour yesteday from Grove Ferry to Fordwich and back.

Had a few issues with the rig, but it was only the second time I have tried to use it, initial results are promising, got up a nice bit of speed but need to fit a leeboard and rudder not to mention jam cleats and associated rigging, and I have to sort out a better method of fixing the mast steps as the both came out! fortunately I pre-empted a problem with them so I only epoxy'd them to the bottom of the boat and did not screw through thus no damage done.

My seat on the other hand needs more work, putting weight on the front dowel flexed it to the point that is came out of one end of the mounting slightly damaging both mountings, again not really a problem but I think I will take this opportunity to move the seat forward to trim the boat better (keeping the bow low in the wind is essential!)

I think I will try some form of adjustable seat hung over the gunwales (I’ll leave the stern seat as it is)

The other thing I am going to have to do it fit some ribs as the hull flexes quite a lot with two adults in it

a couple of photos of our trip


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