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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Transition Rig

As I stated before my rig is a prototype built by Dr Richard Dryden,

the rig is designed to be unfolded first using both hands and then dropped into position in the craft but I want it to be fully attached and easily detached. One of Dr Dryden’s other designs has a cast ali hub / rotating base that the rig pivots on, I like the idea but the hub is large and bolted to the craft.

I have been looking for a universal joint that rotates, the only way I can see this working without a bearing is if a ball and socket joint is used, I only want the mast to fold one way (toward the bow) so a slot in the socket would be ideal.

I do have a mateial called Polymorph that I could mould a joint out of, its like nylon but it melts at 60degC so it can be made into practically anything but this is the last resort.

I keep coming back to windsurfing joints but they bend in every direction so a piece of tubing over the joint may be the answer.

The diagram below shows a fixed tube in the canoe which the mast locates into and is held with pin and R clip, above this is the UJ allowing rotation and folding, this is covered by a tube which holds the mast upright, the tube could be raised with a strap and on its upward movement it could disengage the mast pin allowing the rig to fold.

All four "plank 1" sections are cut using a jigsaw and individually planed down to the line using a smoothing plane and a spokeshave, then I placed them together in the workmate and gave them a once over with the plane to make sure they are all the same, two workmates would be much better here

All four planks laid out, I am going to need a bigger workbench

Cut and shaped all "plank 2" sections, all eight bottom sections of the canoe laid out

Space is really going to be an issue

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