Prospector Sailing Canoe Build

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

All planks have now been cut out, resorted to the jigsaw for all of the long cuts but you have to leave a fair bit of waste as the saw can rip the ply, loads of work with the plane and shaving done, loads to do! I have left the ends of the planks until last so that plane does not split them out or round the corner off (you are meant to plane into and end to avoid splitting) then the ends can be trimmed with a Stanley knife

My improvised bench is only 2 feet wide but I want to complete all of the butt-straps at the same time so I am going to make a three tiered clamp using studding bolted through the bench and several 4x2’s with more 4x2 bearers along the length of the planks, I also intend to shape the butt-straps so it doesn’t just look like a joint in the middle of the canoe

No photos this time, all the planks look similar!

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