Prospector Sailing Canoe Build

Friday, June 02, 2006

Had a bit of a nightmare with these butt-strap joints, the plans say use glue and brass nails, I could only find copper nails or so I thought, I had got copperised nails so they wont do, I don’t want them poking through so I need to cut them which exposes the steel, by glue they must mean epoxy resin, the instructions on the resin state that for bonding prime the surface then use a filleted out resin between the surfaces, this is did but when trying to apply even pressure the strap just slides about and squeegees out, managed to get some pressure on it and in place, went for a pint but it still had not cured, the edges were still sticky, I have only done one strap in case it goes wrong and have left it overnight, I am really apprehensive now that I have knackered two planks, I may have to email Selway Fisher for advice
In the pictures you will see that I have extended the bench so that I can get multiple planks across the width of the bench and stack them several high meaning they will all be done in one go (with any luck)

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