Prospector Sailing Canoe Build

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Disaster! The butt-strap did not work! The resin did not cure and the strap lifted and curled, I managed to pull it off and save the planks and scrape the sticky filleted bonding off, don’t know if it’s the resin or that is how it is supposed to be or if it was too hot in the tent today, all in all a nightmare!

Sticky mess!

Went back in there when it had cooled down this evening and prepped the planks again, this time I am using the tape method, just butt the planks up together, resin them and then tape across the join, when its hard turn it over (gently!) and do the other side, it doesn’t sound very strong to me but its one of the methods they suggest so it must be OK, I have done just the one plank to see how it goes
Whilst I am on the subject of resin I noted that there was a bit of damp on the resin box when I opened it, there was a bit of something, resin or hardener, on the bottles but not much, the hardener bottle was less than half full but it is .2kg so that may be how it is although after just a couple of pumps its almost empty, I’m hoping that its all primed in the pump, I will email CFS to make sure

Clamped down well

Taped joint, not pretty but its is how the plans say do it

Missing hardener?

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