Prospector Sailing Canoe Build

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Called Selway Fisher yesterday and talked to Paul Fisher regarding the butt straps and tape joints, he stated that a marine glue is normally used rather than epoxy bonding, he also stated that the taped joints will be more than strong enough when the hull is complete, I said that I wanted to leave the planks natural for varnish but the tape joint would show so I would have to paint it and I asked about suitable paints, Paul said that the hull can be undercoated with normal undercoat designed for exterior gloss and any tape joints or imperfections can be filled with polyfiller or tetrion between coats of undercoat, then a good exterior gloss can be used and it will be fine, I am happy about this as it is inexpensive and does not require special preparation

Regarding the missing hardener, I had another check of the dispensing pump and I had not fitted it correctly, there are two screw caps that should be done up, one to the bottle the other onto of the first, the instructions are not clear at all on this matter. When done up the hardener dispenses travels a lot less dispensing much less hardener, I wonder if this contributed to the disaster with bonding the butt straps

Looks like I will have to order some more although I think WEST's should at least contribute some of the cost due to poor instructions with no diagrams

Spent most of the rest of the evening mending the light sets transformer that kept tripping my RCD then turned over the one tape joint I had done to do the other side, it looked like it was going to be fine, I finished extending the work bench and laid out several other planks ready for taping, I intend measuring them for squareness off the first plank and along their length, this should mean they are all square and no twisting should appear when they are stitched together, this will probably be a 2 night operation as I have to tape one side, let it cure turn them over, do the other side then build another tier of planks to complete them all on the space available, that leaves Thursday to lay them flat for a night and Friday to get stitching, Saturday for filleting, Sunday for taping

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