Prospector Sailing Canoe Build

Monday, June 12, 2006

I have cut out and placed the moulds in the marked positions (pictures to follow)(i used 1/4 MDF) i had to screw through the top planks into the mould to hold them in place but as i am painting this canoe now its not a problem, I'll just fill the holes with resin, the hull is almost in shape without the moulds although the middle one seems a little small, we used some small wedges to give an equal gap around the mould, this gap could be from the planks sitting in 53DegC in the tent and getting a bit of a sag going, Dave came over to lend a hand, this section is a bit tricky and the hull neede turning to tighten the stitches, got loads of scratches from working in this confined space with all these stitches hanging out, take care with eyes!

you can just see the moulds in position, note that we have rested the hull on blocks and sat them on the moulds

We have taped over the chine gaps hoping that when the resin fillets are added not too much will drip through reducing clear-up time and sanding / grinding

All of the stitches were tightened up (with a few snapping and having to be replaced) and the hull turned over again, a line was pinged from end to end and the craft seems to be true with no twists or buckle, the ends have been chocked up but it holds its own rocker and seems very solid, resin fillets next!

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