Prospector Sailing Canoe Build

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Screw plugs



Fitted the second Inwale which I steamed for an hour (1 hour per inch of timber) it bent up to the right curve much better so I wont need to scribe in any timber on top to support the breasthook. Fitted the Outwales to complete the Inwales and plugged the holes, the stock was short so I had to scarf in a little piece at the end but I did not have any matching timber so I had to rip down some scrap on my table saw, this was heart wood so not matching but I actually like the contrast. The whole structure is a lot stronger (I even did a drop test off the trestles!!! landed with a bit of a crack but no damage done)

Bending up the Outwale

Tricky Clamping

Pluging screw holes

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