Prospector Sailing Canoe Build

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It’s now September, not had much of a chance to do anything to the Canoe during August due to family commitments and the weather.

The hull has been filled and painted in an undercoat, which subsequently peeled off due to an unexpected downpour and me forgetting to put a tarp over it, it got another rub down and some more undercoat and seems to be not too bad.

Dave kindly gave up a whole Saturday to help me with the woodwork, in fact Dave made both of the bulkheads and breasthooks while I concentrated on the seats Dave came up with a neat idea of making a grab / carry handle at the joint of the breasthook and bulkhead with a slight bevel backwards and upwards for a nice grip, unfortunately I managed to completely knacker his hard work by filling the forward and aft compartments with too much expanding foam and nailing them down, the ply on the bulkheads popped out of their glue block settings and will not go back without complete removal and re-fixing, they will have to be re-cut as the bow and stern actually bulged out slightly too (this actually happened after 24hrs so beware it still expands long after you would have thought it safe) Still at least we know the void is filled, I just feel gutted that it was all a perfect fit and now it was a lot of wasted time, as I said before this is a massive learning curve!!

The seats on the other hand seem to have gone without a hitch, being of more generous proportions I opted for hopefully a stronger seat fixing solution, sections of 3/4inch ply were cut of approx 10inces by 3inces, two slightly offset holes were drilled in each to take a dowel and the edges had a nice profile routed onto them, the inside of the hull will be painted so I am not concerned about end grain showing, the dowels were placed and the fixings glued and screwed from the outside, if a seat dowel should break then another can be replaced in two pieces using a copper / steel sleeve to join them.

I am going to use some of that rubber matting (the type you can get for your dashboard to stop keys and phones slipping about) along the inside for slip resistance and a little comfort if kneeling, my Dad happens to have some in green so this will match nicely.

The boat is out the front of my house on trestles at the moment but I will be putting up the tent again to get the job done once and for all, a FINAL PUSH!

Some pics

you can see where the expanding foam has pushed the sides out

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