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Friday, June 09, 2006

Stitch Progress

We found that the earth wire from 1.5 flat twin and earth lighting cable is good for the stitches, its smaller than the red and black pair so must be about 1mm, to mark the planks for stitching we just used a pencil running it up the planks using the middle finger as a guide at about 6mm. using a set of dividers 8 inch marks were made along one of the lines (the upper line only), I found that marking an inch either side of the tape joint and placing the first two stitches there give a good starting point whilst not stressing the joint then instead of marking out the stitch marks I just drilled as I went using the holes on the other plank as a guide, this meant that there was no chance the stitch holes would "creep" out of line (this may have been down to me and the dividers!) we found that its easier to make up loads of stitches before hand by cutting lengths of 3-4 inches and bending them in the middle into "staples" a pair of flat pliers makes for a better twist, needle nose pliers are handy for threading stitches in awkward places. Quick clamps / grips are handy for holding the plank ends in place whilst you are stitching along, there are over 200 stitches

The ends of the planks are slightly out of line here but I'm hoping that they can be trimmed when the resin fillets are added

Sam checking my work

All of the planks stitched in place

I have completed the tape joints now using the following method: laid out one set of planks i.e. one side of the craft, clamped either side of the joint using scraps of wood screwed though to the bench (not through the planks) clamped the ends of the planks using the same method, checked all the planks were in line then taped the joints and allowed to dry, then clamping a piece of wood a couple of feet long over the joints to support them I turned the planks over clamped them down and taped the other side, note that I laid a piece of PVC down so that the resin did not stick the planks to anything else, next I laid spacers over the planks and laid the second set of planks over the first using the previously taped ones on the bottom as a reference, this ensures that both sides of the craft are the same so I figure there should be no twist or buckle, then clamped them down and taped them turning to do the other side in the same way as before

Joints clamped and taped

All the planks laid out

resin cured and planks laid out in order

Bottom planks stitched together

Dave adding a bit of weight to the situation

Plank 3 getting stitched

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